Legal Mentions

Information and Privacy

Fermion Capital, Fermion Securities SLP and Fermion Equity Fund FT are registered in Luxemburg under Luxembourg Law and bank secrecy ethics. The company, by law, may not share information regarding financial status, strategy, bank accounts etc. with anyone who is not a participant in, or shareholder of, Fermion Capital Sàrl, Fermion Securities SLP, Fermion Equity Fund FT or any of its various Sub-Compartments.

The company furthermore reserves the right to immediately disqualify or redeem any participant's interest should such confidential information be made available to any third party directly or indirectly in any form whatsoever.

Password protected Member logins have been created for shareholders. Electronic links are emailed every semester to enable our members to view all audited Net Asset Value reports, news letters, and general official activities. Should any of our shareholder not have received passwords please revert to our "contact" page with your name, passport number and certificate code. Passwords are "identity specific" registered.

Fermion Capital, Fermion Securities SLP & Fermion Equity Fund FT does not sell or hold subscribed any interest of any United States individual in any form whatsoever.