Fermion Capital Sàrl

Fermion Capital is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, regulated by the CSSF as an AIF registered with the object of managing Fermion Securities SLP and Fermion Equity Fund, inclusive of its various sub-funds as a private Securitization Fund, or any other Luxembourg Securitization Fund should its shareholders require it.

We aim at delivering a service to our clients by employing as much resources as needed to ensure successful, safe and compliant Alternative Investments and Securitizations.

Our management, contractors, and professional associates each specialize in one or more particular fields related to Futures, Algorithmic Trading, Securitization, Banking, Asset Management and Structured Finance to ensure optimum service delivery to our Institutional and Sophisticated client base.

Our dedicated team engaged one of the top Fund Administrators situated in Luxembourg to assist us assuring our clients that every venture qualifies within Luxembourg law.

To ensure investor comfort during the past and current market conditions Fermion Capital contracted several banks to act as service provider for and on behalf of Fermion Securities SLP, Fermion Equity Fund and all its Sub-Compartments.