Fermion Capital provide the following services:

  • To manage Alternative Investments Funds, Securitizations Funds and, where applicable, to act as fiduciary for funds established in the form of one or more fiduciary estates.

  • To acquire interest in any form whatsoever in Luxembourg or foreign companies, and any other forms of investment, acquire any transferable securities or any cash holding via purchase or subscriptions or any other means and dispose of any transferable securities and cash holdings via sales or exchanges, or any other means, as well as the administration, supervision and development of these interests.

  • Fermion Capital may take part in establishing or developing any industrial or commercial business and may lend its assistance to such business by way of loans, guarantees or other means.

  • Fermion Capital may lend or borrow with or without interest as well as issue bonds and any other acknowledgements of debt.

  • The company may also carry out any transactions involving movable and immovable assets or any financial industrial, commercial or civil transaction that is directly linked to its corporate object.

  • The company, in its own name, directly or indirectly for and on behalf of a third party, alone or in partnership may carry out any operation likely to facilitate the goal in companies in which it holds a stake.

  • Fermion Capital may undertake any inspection or surveillance and may carry out any transaction to achieve its object or purpose.

Professional Services

  • The company oversees the auditing and publishing of monthly reports to the participants of Alternative Investments Funds and Securitization Fund/s that it manages.

  • Electronically linking shareholders and note holders to a password protected site to view these statements, request withdrawals, redemptions, or subscriptions.

  • Fermion Capital, with the assistance of their fund administrators, banks and professional associates, structure tailor made financial solutions to achieve participant's objectives within the rules and regulations set forth in any country/jurisdiction of operation.

  • Pricing and market to market data provision through internal as well as external sources.

  • International Fund promotion and corporate liaison services.

  • Evaluation or establishment of strategic alliances.